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Accurate Fasteners is a fasteners manufacturer of high quality fasteners, we have a wide variety of fasteners starting from anchors, nuts and bolts, washers, screws, thread bars, pipe clamps and stone cladding clamps including stainless steel structural materials.
Accurate Fasteners is a company that manufactures, supplies and trades wide variety of high quality fasteners . Serving our customer since 21 years, our core strength is manufacturing fasteners. We're active locally and have widespread international presence as well..
Continually improve Effectiveness and Efficiency of Quality Management Systems to maintain a distinguishable competitive edge as viewed by customers.

Human Resources Development:
Establish and Implement leading edge Human Resource Systems and practices to meet the business objective through training, empowerment, and motivation in achieving total employee Involvement.
Supply state of the art Products/Services to customers that meet their expectations for Quality, Technology, Time, and Responsiveness. 
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